Epiphero helps companies extract value from data with expertise in machine learning and statistical pattern recognition. Owner Christopher Eveland earned his Ph.D. in computer vision from the University of Rochester, and has completed successful projects in pattern classification, text mining, computer vision, and image processing. He also has many years of development experience on a variety of platforms that makes it possible to quickly transition from idea to proof of concept, and then to product.

Expertise in:

  • Pattern Classification
  • Text Mining
  • Data Mining
  • Hadoop
  • Rapid Development/Prototyping
  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • More!

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“Thank you to Chris Eveland for keen insight about the user experience and rapid prototyping that was so good many thought it was the final product. You also made the Carnivore technology possible with the application of advanced mathematics, insanely creative methods for squeezing performance from the database, and a ruthless drive to put every CPU cycle to work!” -- Jack Caven, President, InfoTech International, LLC.

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