The ambient clock.

Tempaural is more than a binary clock: its ambient interface means you can know what time it is without looking at the screen. Tempaural beats out the time like an antique pendulum clock, but the sequence of "ticks" and "tocks" encodes the time in binary.

ALWAYS know the time

Ever been too lazy to open your eyes in the morning to see if you need to get up or if you can sleep in? Now you don't have to move a muscle, just listen for the time! The ticking sound naturally fades into the background unless you actively listen for it.

LEARN binary

Don't know binary? Don't worry, we won't tell! Tempaural has a unique training view that shows the significance of each bit: rather than displaying simply "on off off on" to represent 9, it will show you "❽ ④ ② ❶". Add up the solid balls and quickly get to 9 yourself. When you've mastered that, change the display to one of the other attractive styles and impress your friends. And now that you've mastered binary, "read" the time by listening to the tick-tock sounds.

GEEK out

Tempaural is the most configurable binary clock on the app store. Most clocks just give you a switch between BCD and straight up binary. Of course tempaural has presets for those, but you can also create a custom time format with as many or few columns as you like. Want to get just the minimum number of bits with a useful time? Set up one column with the hour modulo 4 (2 bits), and another with minutes divided by 15 (also 2 bits). Don't like the 2-4-3-4-3-4 bit pattern of the standard BCD clock? Set up a square padded out to 6-6-6-6-6-6 bits.

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Training Mode

Easily learn to read binary by adding up the solid balls. The red ball indicates the current place in the "tick/tock" playback.

AirPlay Support

Know the time anywhere in your house! (AirPlay compatible speakers required.)

Super configurable

Here is the configuration for the classic BCD layout.