The stopwatch for racers.

RaceTimer+ helps you keep track of not just your lap times, but also the lap times for your team and your competitors. Its thoughtfully designed interface requires a minimum of time looking at the screen or moving your fingers, so you can stay focused on the action. Beyond simply recording elapsed times, it also computes the deltas between competitors, keeps track of fast laps, monitors both track and race position, and more!

WHAT RaceTimer+ measures

  • Unlimited lap times
  • Unlimited competitors
  • Emailable post race summary
  • Time delta to competitor ahead
  • Delta to competitor behind
  • Time behind leader
  • Difference to "star" competitor
  • Personal best lap time
  • Overall best lap time
  • Average lap time for each competitor
  • Race position
  • Track position
  • More!

HOW you use it

RaceTimer+'s revolutionary interface keeps your thumb in one spot while the race is running, even when you're following more than one racer. Here's how to time a race in a few simple steps.

  • Tap the "+" to add a new race, and if desired, add a name or description.
  • Add the competitors you wish to track, and drag them into qualifying order.
  • Click "Start!"
  • Each time a competitor passes the start/finish line, tap on their name. RaceTimer+ sorts the competitors by their position on the track, so unless a pass is made, the next competitor you need to tap will always be on top!

WHY RaceTimer+ is different

RaceTimer+ doesn't just try to mimic a classic stopwatch. In stead, it has been designed to be what a stopwatch should be. With the track position sorting and the multiple delta time measurements it can replace multiple stopwatches and a clipboard for the professional crew chief. At the other end of the spectrum, custom pictures of each competitor can help a new crew member keep track of who's who. Everyone can appreciate the economy of hand and eye movement required to time a race.

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Context Sensitive

Turn your iPhone or iPod on its side and get more detailed information.

iPad Support

The iPad version uses the extra screen space to simplify editing the starting grid and to show more information during a race.

Email Summary

At the end of a race, summary including all lap times can be generated and emailed.